Road Warrior Sports Training

RWST Academy

Road Warrior Sports Training offers custom training programs to meet your individual needs. You will have the opportunity to train utilizing the latest Athletic Performance Enhancement Program led by a Certified Sports Performance Training Specialist.

Individual Training Package

Anytime during the year an individual player can come to Florida for 1 to 8 weeks at a time. The minimum recommended age for live in players is 14.

The minimum stay is 1 week.

Many players stay for 4-8 weeks.

And we have players that stay for as long as 1 year, training for MLB tryouts, Independent Baseball, and for college scholarships.

Prices vary based on your length of stay and intensity of your program.

Prices include:
•Airport greeting and pick up

•6 nights & 7 days/week lodging - hotel accomodations.

•3 meals a day

•Daily coaching instruction with Transportation


•Airport departure escort

Not included:
•personal expenses for telephone
•additional snacks or food
•personal expenses
•airport departure transfer costs

Weekly Rates:
home plate $595 for the first week home plate $495 for the second week home plate $395 for the third week home plate $295 each for weeks 4-8 home plate

Fees are to be paid in advance of each week or month

Call 352-293-5662 for additional information.

Important Note to parents and players:

Living in the Dominican Republic training like a Dominican player is an intense baseball and living experience for most American players. The best description might be that it is a Spartan Approach. The amenities are few. The day to day living conditions can be difficult by American standards and the baseball schedule is rigorous. This is not an American sleep away camp. Most of the players we have brought there do adjust really well, as it is safe, fun, and entertaining in many ways, but about 1 out of 10 struggle. Struggling can be defined many ways, but the environment will most assuredly present a challenge. The only question is how might they react to the challenge the FL will present.

What makes it challenging and difficult? •Unrelenting sun •3-4 training sessions daily •Intense training •More running and throwing and hitting than you have ever done •Different diet •No Mom or maid to do your own laundry •Less time for Facebook and social media •Early morning wake up calls for training

If you are going there with the intention of working hard, and becoming a better player who can learn to adapt and make adjustments in a challenging environment you will do fine. You will go home a more mature person, a better baseball player and one who appreciates the opportunities your family have given you in the United States.

That is our overall goal. Making you a better baseball player is only part of the experience.

The opportunity of lifetime will be presented to you in our Academy. What you do with it, and how much you learn and develop will be dictated by your attitude, approach and willingness to become mentally stronger and physical more skilled.

If you are ready for a challenge, come to FL.

For More Information E-mail Us, Call Us (888) 541-3935 or Click on the Link Below and Fill Out Our Prospective Player Form

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