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BANDit being used by Jason Heinrich. 5TH round draft pick of the Baltimore Orioles in 2015. Currently with the Arizona Diamondbacks organization.

Drill #1 Builds incredible hand, wrist and forearm strength. Use one time and you will realize what it can do for you.

Drill #2 Use for staying short to the ball and long through the zone while strengthening muscles used to swing a bat. The resistance keeps a player in a good bat lag position (not coming around the ball) through contact. The end result is staying shorter to the ball, longer through the zone and getting extension. Bat speed and exit velocities will improve. The BANDit is better than a hitting coach for this.

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HIT stick!

Regular use of the heavy and light HIT stick utilizing our overload/underload program, trains fast twitch muscles and dramatically improves eye-hand coordination. Incorporate the HIT stick into your hitting routine for improving bat speed and exit velocity. It Works! Used by Professionals!